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6 Easy Steps To Self Forgiveness!
Why Forgiving yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your Mind, Body, and Soul!
By: Mommy Life Elevated/Brittany Thursby

When you are talking with a friend or maybe a close family member about a situation that has upset you, a fight with a significant other, a misunderstanding at work, a disagreement with a family member or friend, whatever it is, do you ever stop to consider that you should forgive yourself first? Even if you do not feel as if you have done something wrong, why not forgive yourself first and see how it changes your view on the situation. Maybe it isn’t even a fight or a disagreement with someone, maybe you are just beating yourself up, beating yourself up for cheating on your diet, or giving in and having a glass of wine after you vowed to give up drinking for a month. Whatever the situation is, YOU MUST FORGIVE……..yourself first!

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How do you learn to forgive yourself first? I do this through the power of affirmations and meditation. Here are a few tips on how you can begin to FORGIVE yourself and live a more Elevated Life!

  1. Mantra/Prayer: Write out a Mantra or Prayer that you will recite before you begin your meditation. I like to use a Mantra that I learned through Gabby Bernstein’s book May Cause Miracles which states “I trust that I AM love and that all my life’s experiences have been divinely placed for me to learn and grow. I’ve done the best that I can with my life’s circumstances and today the best that I can do is FORGIVE. I FORGIVE MYSELF TODAY!”
  2. Meditate: Sit in your meditation space or a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. I like to recite my Mantra and meditate for 30 minutes. You can meditate for as long you would like as long as you sit in silence for a least 1 minute after reciting your Mantra/Prayer.
  3. Affirmation: Pick an affirmation that speaks to you regarding the situation, set your intentions of forgiveness. Here are 10 forgiveness affirmations that I like to use:
    1. I (name), forgive myself completely.
    2. I forgive myself for having this thought, I chose love instead.
    3. I love myself enough to have compassion for my previous actions.
    4. I no longer punish myself for my actions in this situation.
    5. Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.
    6. I forgive myself for not knowing what I didn’t know until I learned it.
    7. I forgive myself! I set myself free!
    8. Today I open myself up to forgiveness, today I let go of the past and open the door to my future.
    9. Forgiveness is a gift to myself, I forgive myself and I set myself free!
    10. I send love and compassion in my direction so that I can better serve love from a peaceful place.
  4. Write: After I have completed my meditation I like to write in my journal. I will write out the feelings that I had in the situation, whether it was feelings of resentment, anger, fear, beating myself up, whatever the feelings I had. Next to each feeling that I had I write out the affirmation that I have picked.
  5. Set a Notification: I also like to add my affirmation into my phone as a notification, I set the notification to go off every hour. This helps me to remind myself to forgive myself throughout the day. To reset my intentions to forgiveness.
  6. End of the Day: Give thanks and/or gratitude at the end of your day. I always make sure to give thanks and/or gratitude for the situation. I like to use the following; “Thank you for showing me that my strength and willingness to forgive is greater than my struggles. My Mistakes are merely lessons. And so, I choose freedom in this moment. I am generous with my love, and I forgive myself!”

Following these 6 easy steps allows you to begin the healing process in the situation. Once you begin to forgive yourself, you can begin to forgive the person you feel hurt you or wronged you in some way and/or you can begin the process of healing and learning to LOVE yourself. Forgiving yourself enhances the length and quality of your life because after all loving yourself is what truly Elevates you to your highest and best self!

You can also learn to forgive yourself, by writing out 10 reasons you are GRATEFUL for yourself. I mean how often do we say we love ourselves or remind ourselves how Grateful we are for ourselves? Learning to Forgive ourselves and leaving a life of Gratitude are a few ways for you to start Elevating your Mind, Body, and Spirit. You can refer to my Gratitude is the only Attitude blog post for more information on Gratitude.

Thank you for reading!


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