What is your relationship like with money? I have been wondering what my relationship is like with money lately? “Is Money Really Everywhere?”

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I work for an online retail company as a supervisor. I make decent money for what I do. I am not wealthy or well-off by any means, but I can provide for my family and still have some fun every now an then. I have never really felt like I have had a negative attitude towards money, that is until I started going back down my spiritual path. During my spiritual journey, I have had to dig deep, and I mean real deep to figure out why I have some of the thoughts or reactions that I do. I started doing this because I needed a change in my life. I just felt so stuck in so many different areas of my life. I wanted to be able to work from home more, be with my family more but still be the provider. I am getting older, next week I turn 39. I know that isn’t that old and I hope I live 40+ more years! But we all know that we are going to go someday, the big fat mystery is when? WHO THE HELL KNOWS………

Anyway back to the MONEY, I wanted to figure out a way to attract more money into my life, so I once again turned to books. (I love books if you can’t tell by now!) I am a big believer in learning and growing during our human experiences, and I feel learning and growing from others is one of the best ways to do that. To do that, you read their books, their stories, their tragedies, their successes. You keep an open mind, and you leap into the unknown and live your damn life and try! If you fail, you get right back up, and you try again and then you teach others how you tried and failed and learned and leaned on others and their experiences. While on the path to Elevate my life I read Jen Sincero’s book YOU are a BADASS. I enjoyed this book but for me, it wasn’t life-changing or anything, I still enjoyed her stories, and I did relate to her a time or two. After I finished that book, I came across her second book YOU are a BADASS at MAKING MONEY This book really spoke to me, I followed her teachings, mantras and meditations and affirmation as well as added a few of my own and it changed my relationship with money.

It wasn’t just those things though, in her book she talks about when she realized what her blocker was for attracting money. I won’t ruin for you what her blocker was, but I will tell you when I was reading her story it suddenly hit me what my blocker was, my parents. I think in most cases you will find that your parents will probably be your money blocker too because they are the ones that taught us about life and money. My parents always fought about money; it was one of the most significant sources of contention in my home. Looking back on it, my parents were always fighting about money. My father worked, and my mother spent. After my parents divorced all they would do is fight over money. It didn’t seem to matter to them how we felt or how we were dealing with everything. To me at the time, money was more important than us! As I got older and started to have serious relationships I came to realize that I didn’t like to combine our money. I always wanted to keep the money separate. “You make your own money, I make mine, and you are not going to tell me what to do with it.” I thought combining our money would cause some of the same fights and problems my parents had. I didn’t think that money brought happiness.

Now that I had this realization I could start to repair my relationship with money. Here are a few things I did to get started.

  1. I sat down and wrote out five reasons why money would bring me happiness. 
    1. If I had more money I could quit my corporate job and be at home with my family and that would make me happy.
    2. My family and I could travel more and experience life more and make a lot of memories. This would make me very happy!
    3. Being able to give back to the world and donate to different charities that I believe in and support would make me very happy.
    4. Having more money would allow me to invest in some of the things that have interest me. Like, a beach home, and a Colorado mountain home! Maybe own an island where women come to connect and Elevate themselves through yoga and meditation and just connecting……….A girl can dream, and this dream would bring me happiness.
    5. All of the above =FREEDOM to live my life the way that I want to live and still give back to the world in so many different ways. 🙂 MONEY=HAPPINESS
  2. I repeat daily money affirmations. I like to use these affirmations when I think a negative thought about money or when I am about to say a negative thing about money. Here are five affirmations that I like to use.
    1. Money flows into my life easily.
    2. My actions create prosperity.
    3. I have more money coming in then I do going out.
    4. I AM worthy of a positive cash flow.
    5. I now feel an abundance of money in my life.
  3. I put things around my house that remind me that Money Is Everywhere. Below are a few of those things. 
    1. I have a statue of the Ascended Master Ganesha on my desk. “Ganesha is an Ascended Master; he is the god of wisdom, success and good luck. He is also the giver of different types of favors. It is said that if you call on Ganesha, he can help remove all obstacles and difficulties.” I like to keep Ganesha on my desk to remind me of the success and wisdom that he brings.
    2. Money Trees! I currently have three money trees. Two of them are real Bonsai money trees, and one of them is this tree that I found on Amazon.com. You can order real Bonsai money trees on Amazon as well by clicking this link, Bonsai Money Tree
    3. Candles that attract prosperity. When it is a new moon, I will light the candles and recite the following prosperity mantra “I release the limiting thoughts that block my prosperity. I open my mind, heart, and being to the unlimited abundance of the universe.”
    4. Crystals and stones that attract wealth, prosperity and success. I have several crystals and stone all over my house; I have them on my desk, fireplace mantle, near my bed and in my meditation space.
    5. Last but not least I read books from other successful people have written and try to practice what they preach. I leap, I jump, I research, and I try new things, and if I fail I learn from my failures, and I try again!

I will say that for me, doing all of these things every single day and staying open is leading me to some pretty amazing things. I am attracting like-minded people into my life, and I am learning from them. I am attracting different experiences and ideas and investments and staying open to many different opportunities. I have a spiritual team that I lean on when I need that extra push or inspiration. The point is to live and to try because what do you honestly have to lose? Put your faith in the universe and have some fun! I also want to remind you to be Grateful for what you currently have, forgive yourself, repair your relationship with money and Elevate your life!!

The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.

-Marianne Williamson


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