Morning Meltdown 100 – Jericho McMatthews New Workout- All the DEETS.

Jericho McMatthews’ Morning Meltdown 100 is designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat and tone your entire body in just 20-30 minutes. It includes 100 unique workouts.

I fell in love with Jericho’s when she released Core de Force with Joel Freeman. I just loved her fierce attitude and how she was encouraging and relatable at the same time.
Her newest workout is, in my opinion, her best one yet– 20-30 minutes, intense, and set to music with a LIVE DJ. It’s my soul mate program.

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What is Morning Meltdown 100?

MM100 includes 100 unique workouts. These will include HIIT (high-intensity interval training), strength training recovery, and flexibility.
The idea is to keep your body challenged every day. This will keep you from getting bored or hitting a plateau.

Each workout is set to music specific to the tempo of the workout, and Jericho can change it as she feels like it, because she has a DJ right in the room with her while she is filming.

While the workouts are only 20-30 minutes, Jericho is going to make it intense and effective.

Morning Meltdown 100 Explained in Two Minutes

Who will love MM100?

  • Someone looking to get into a fitness routine
  • Men & Women looking to lose weight, burn fat and build muscle
  • Anyone who gets bored with the same workouts- 100 UNIQUE workouts
  • Someone looking for an intense 20-30 minute workout.

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Do I Have To Do It In The Morning?

Jericho has talked about how working out first thing in the morning can help boost your mood and make you feel more accomplished… but you can definitely pick when you workout.

The name is just designed around creating the habit of working out.

What Equipment Does Morning Meltdown 100 Use?

These items are not required. There are many options and modifications you can use to customize your journey specific to you.

  • Free weights or a set of Adjustable dumbbells
  • A Mat

Is There a Modifier?

  • YES! You’ll have two different modifiers to choose from.

How Long Are The Morning Meltdown 100 Workouts?

They will range from 20-30 minutes.

Get First Access to Morning Meltdown 100

Morning Meltdown 100 Supplements

Since the workouts will be high intensity, you will want Energize.

Energize helps you push further in your workouts and not fatigue as quickly.

On the strength days, I would recommend Recover. You take it within 30 minutes of your workout, and it helps with building lean muscle mass and preventing soreness.

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Will Morning Meltdown 100 Be On DVD?

No, MM100 will be exclusive to BOD. BOD is like the (Netflix) of health & wellness.

Since there are so many different workouts– it’s just not feasible to put them on DVD.

If you haven’t tried Beachbody On Demand yet, you can get hundreds of workouts for $99 a year or $40 every quarter.

Each program comes with its own nutrition, meal plan, and calendar. Plus, you can even stream to your TV with the right devices.

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When Will MM100 Be Available?

Early access started on July 1st!

You’ll be able to sign up for MM100 on July 1, 2019. Then, we will start officially on the 29th of July.

This gives plenty of time to get any supplements or printed materials in the mail.

If you don’t buy early access, it will be on BOD for all members starting October 1st, 2019.

Will There Be A Special Online Group For MM100?

Totally!! I’ll launch a special group for Morning Meltdown 100 starting July 29th, and I’d love for you to be in it.

I’ll be sharing our Morning Meltdown meal plans, recipes, tips, workouts, and so much more! Make sure to use the form below to get access.

Feel free to email me at

What Type of Workouts does Morning Meltdown 100 Include?

These workouts will include HIIT, recovery workouts, resistance, and flexibility. As always, there will be modifiers, so there are options for every level, including low impact. You will never get bored or burned-out with Morning Meltdown 100! Above all, you will get 100 workouts, that will sculpt every part of your body.

The Workouts:

  1. Cardio Meltdown: Endurance cardio, where you can sweat to the beat!
  2. Upbeat Strength: Sculpt a stronger back, chest, shoulders, and arms with rhythm-based time-under-tension moves.
  3. Core Inferno: Burn out your abs and melt off layers with challenging core-strengthening exercises.
  4. Total Body Badass: Barre inspired mashup that will build full-body strength with lighter weights and intense plyometric exercises.
  5. Freestyle Flow: Half yoga-flow inspired, half mobility workout, this routine is designed to help with your recovery.
  6. Lit Cardio: This high-intensity interval training workout is designed to torch the fat off your body.
  7. Downbeat Strength: Build stronger quads, hamstrings, and glutes with rhythm-based time-under-tension moves.
  8. Fight Club: Jericho draws from a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines for an incredible core-shredding cardio session.
  9. Meltcon: Break the beat with total-body strength training to help you build muscle and melt major calories.
  10. Re-vibe: Refresh and revive as you recover with a yoga-inspired flow and then transition into deep, static stretches that aid in recovery.

What does the Nutrition Plan for Morning Meltdown look like?

The Morning Meltdown 100 meal plan gives you max results by fueling your body for each unique workout. The 20-30 minute workouts and nutrition plan will help rev up your metabolism, burn fat, and build your best body ever.