These groups are my secret weapon for keeping you accountable and motivated. Not only that, I am there as your coach, teaching you, helping you learn to let go of your negative self-talk. As long as you are ready to participate, complete the daily assignments, follow the wellness package, that we will come up with TOGETHER, you will see SUCCESS!

I have two platforms you can use as your “Bootcamp” where we work together to set goals, find a wellness plan that works for you, and to help you find your “WHY” to keep you motivated.

My first platform is a private group through Facebook. This is a great place to develop a sense of community, and a get a supportive group of women to help hold you accountable to your goals. If you are someone who is on Social Media often and wants to connect with like-minded women at any time of the day, you will LOVE this!

My second platform is in a private app where you can easily track your workouts, your nutrition, your weight, and your progress! You can also connect with our team, see who else is working out, and check in with your coach, all through the app!

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You can decide if you want to join one or both of these Bootcamps when enrolling.

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